Can You Delete Facebook But Keep Messenger?

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Once connected, you will see the following interface. Select Messages and tap the Start Scan button to continue. Please keep in mind that you need to turn on the messages sync before the data loss. в†’ You can now read the messages you received and your friends can not know when you opened and read the message. You may want to restore your in-app purchases after setting up your phone from scratch. Check out our guide to learn how to do just that.

  • Facebook doesn’t provide an estimate on how long it takes to process your request, but I imagine it can take a day or two, depending on how much data you’ve requested.
  • Click the conversation that you want to delete.
  • Here’s the subject line of the email, “Your Facebook information file is ready”.
  • Restarting your device is very simple, all you’ll need to do is hold Messenger onto the Power button while holding onto the Volume Down button on your Android device.

The bad news is that everything remains one sided, and Facebook may keep your conversations stored on its servers. The only real “permanent” solution is to agree to delete the conversation with the other party who are also part of the conversation. That “deletion pact” is likely the best chance you have to keep things off Facebook Messenger permanently. Remember that when you choose the ‘remove for you’ option, you delete the message from your device.

How Do You Delete A Message On Messenger After 10 Minutes?

Whether you want to delete all messages to get rid of inappropriate ones or just want to wipe the slate clean, it’s important to know the easiest way to do it. Sign in to Messenger with the same login details you used for your Facebook account. For better or for worse, all of the people you were Facebook friends with when you deleted your account will be able to message you.

In this step, you need to launch the app and allow it to scan all your deleted or lost messages. It provides you a one-click preview of your messages after the scan is done. You can also make use of a third-party app to recover your deleted Facebook messages. This is one of the fastest ways of recovering Facebook texts.

Archiving And Unarchiving FB Messages On Laptop Or Desktop PC

Those are all the steps to deleting one message in a conversation. If you’d like to get rid of multiple messages , we’ll show you how to do that next. The software will scan all the messages and will show you all the deleted messages.

Step 3

If you want to delete the message you have recently sent, open the Messenger app on your computer or go to messenger.com. Head over to the chat you want to delete a message from, tap on the 3-dots icon adjacent to the desired message, and click on Remove. On the desktop app, you can get this option by right-clicking on the message you want to delete. Yes, deleted messages stay in iCloud until they are permanently deleted. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger is a free messaging application used to send messages, photos, videos, locations, audio recordings, and many more.

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